Create a project

Private projects: These are only visible to the project users.
Open public projects: These projects can be viewed and accessed by any user of the application.
Public with authorization projects: These are visible in the list of projects but cannot be accessed by all Sefici users. The project admin decides who will have access.

User: Is the person that detect the issues at the company. This kind of users can send issues, change the priority, and see all the issues send by himself.
Manager: Is the person in charge of resolve the incidents assigned to him. He can send new issues, change the priority and the state of the incidents.
Administrator: He receives all the issues. He can send incidents, assign issues to the correct user, change the priority and state of the incident.

Click on “create new project” and continue the sequence of steps. By this way you will create a very simple project with a category and a user for the present time. To know how you can create more categories and add more users, continue reading the following points.

Enter at “categories” section of your project, select “add category” refill all the fields and click on “add category”, then, add all the functionalities and users that you project needs and click on “Safe”.

If you want to add more users to your project, access at users section and insert the username or the e-mail address, then, give all the permissions to the user that your project needs.
For delete users, you only have to quit all the permissions to the users.
If you wat to assign users to the category, go to the category section, select the category that you want and add the Manager/s that you consider at “assign users”.

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