How it works

Using Sefici is very easy

1. Create a project

Set a title, description and type of project.

There are three types of projects: Public with authorisation, private or open public.

Public with authorisation projects:

These are visible in the list of projects but cannot be accessed by all Sefici users. The project admin decides who will have access.

Private projects:

These are only visible to the project users.

Open public projects:

These projects can be viewed and accessed by any user of the application.

The user cannot create this type of project. Get in touch with Sefici Tech Solutions.

2. Create the categories and add functionalities

A category is the basis for creating incidents (electricity, plumbing, machine…). The more precise the category, the less time spent resolving them on average.


Do not use ambiguous titles. Set the category clearly so that there is no room for doubt.

Preassigned users:

They automatically receive the incidents to be resolved in the categories they belong to.

Extra fields:

Add the functionalities you need, photos, audio, video, freehand drawing, geoposition, predetermined questions, etc.

3. Start reporting incidents

As easy as clicking on the orange button and selecting the category the incident belongs in.

Incidents created will be automatically received by the people we have assigned so as to ensure they are resolved as fast as possible.

Try Sefici for free and see for yourself

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