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Without realising, you already know how to use Sefici

Sefici is inspired by the most widely-used instant messaging apps with a series of improvements and geared towards the professional environment. Without realising, you already know how to use Sefici.


Placing in order

Incident filtering

Incidents can be filtered according to priority (high, medium or low) and/or status (pending, resolved or rejected). In this way, you'll have all the incidents in your business organised.



As many projects and categories as you like

Sefici is based on the number of users, not on the amount of projects you create. Try it and create as many as you need!



Large number of functionalities

Multimedia files (photos, audio, video) and freehand drawings can be sent. You can also create predetermined questions and answers to streamline the incident as fast as possible.


Fast communication

All in one chat

Each incident is treated as a chat. Managers can comment on and set out each incident individually, easily and using a system they are used to.

In addition, multiple functionalities can be attached in the chat in order to define the incident.


Different permissions

Each user is different


Low permission: Can only create incidents.


Medium permission: Can create incidents and manage those that are assigned to them.


High permission level: Controls all incidents that occur, creating and assigning them to the relevant people.

Now expand the possibilities

Sefici has additional modules that can extend its functionality.

See the route of your vehicles at all times.

With this module you can see the location of your transport fleet.

See what your company's customers think in a fast and easy way.

The survey module allows you to create and reply to forms that will help you improve any weaknesses. The answers can also be exported using the admin panel.

Share important files with all project users.

Leave the most important files for managing and resolving incidents within their reach.

Set important dates in the event module and relax.

It will remind you and the project users.

With the news module you can inform your employees of the most important happenings in the company as well as any new vacancies.

Centralise telephone numbers, emails and web addresses with this module and facilitate contact with your suppliers.

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