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Create your own project using the Sefici admin panel, register the users and assign them to the permissions required so that they can report incidents in your property. The project manager, whether the caretaker or the employee in charge of maintenance, will be tasked with resolving them and also recording this on the application.


Streamline incident management and resolution in your hotel. Reduces the response time regarding unforeseen events while also improving customer satisfaction.


Your customers can report any incidents regarding your equipment quickly and specifically by providing pictures, audio, video... so that they can be resolved as fast as possible.

Create your own custom project to manage incidents in your car parks. Don't let anything stop your clients on the move and get user feedback to improve the service.

Maintenance of facilities and machines is vital for all companies. Don't let your furnishings or machines be anything but in perfect condition. Quickly detects what area is most deteriorated and fix it fast.

Prevents production from slowing down or stopping. Prevents loss in terms of producing faulty goods or manufacture time.

Sefici can be integrated in your company's machines so that they automatically report any incidents and the person in charge of maintenance receives it.

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