Some of its advantages


Everything is centralised

Organise your incidents and forget about the chaos. Sefici centralises all information you usually receive by email, chat or even paper. So you don't miss a thing ;)

Crear incidencia

Easy to create an incident

Simply select a predetermined category and chat directly to those in charge of resolving the incident.

Consulta tus archivos

See your files

Save all types of files in the files module and share them directly with your contacts.

Más cosas

Much more

Sefici offers event, survey, news, contact and tracking modules so that you have all your information in the one place.


From anywhere

Create incidents from any device, it's as easy as using any of the instant messaging applications we're used to. You can even work offline.

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In real time

The incidents created are automatically synchronized on all devices.

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Using any device

You can log in to Sefici from any computer or device using Android or iOS.

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Even without an internet connection

Incidents created without an internet connection will be sent as soon as you go online.


Sefici offers security systems to safeguard your company's information and ensure your data is protected.

All of our customers' data (completely confidential) is stored on our servers, ensuring the information is secure and the page can be retrieved.


Sefici can be installed in any company regardless of its origin or size. It can also be adapted to the company's own systems (ERP).

Sefici adapts to any company

The client can configure basic parameters (types of users, incident categories, type of project, etc.) to adapt the app to their organisation.

Fast implementation

There are only 4 steps to follow to implement Sefici in any company.

1. Create the project

2. Create the categories

3.Add functionalities

4. Add users to the project

Adaptable price

Sefici adapts to any company. See the special price plans for City Councils and Property Administrators.

Try Sefici for free and see for yourself

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